7 October 2013

Eat food, not too much, mostly plants

If you haven't read this yet, read it now!

Homegrown food tastes sooo good and can be grown in pots easily. We grew some beets in a pot, they were pretty small but tasted great. Salad leaves are easy in a pot and chard grows like a weed and keeps well in the winter.  All good in salads or as soups. Yum.

my teeny beetroot

29 September 2013

Yin at the wall

I taught a yin yoga class today and many of the poses were at the wall. If you have never tried yin at the wall I recommend it. Why? Well for one your pelvis stays level and if you have any back issues or difficulty sitting with the legs straight then this is far easier. Try and hold the poses for 3-5 minutes. Enjoy!

Dragonfly (wide legged straddle)

Thread the needle (an alternative for sleeping swan or square pose) 3 mins each side

Butterfly - 5 mins

It can also be deeply relaxing for the legs too. Do I need to convince you any more.
These pictures are from Bernie Clarks yin website.
yinyoga.com and his book 'The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga' which I can't recommend enough for all things yin.

Namaste yogi friends
S x

p.s I have another blog called 'sian yoga in vancouver' with a pic for every day of the year if you are interested. Click on view my complete profile at the right hand side to view.

3 February 2013


I had one of those days when I went through the day ungrounded. It started first thing. I normally sit for meditation after I get up, post coffee. Usually anything from 10 mins to 30. Today I didn't and it showed.  I lost my words, focus and concentration during class. How often do you have days when you think "why did I say that, I just didn't think?"


Just like a tree needs roots to support it and grow - we need roots too for stability and grounding. If you feel overwhelmed or distracted today then this is for you:

Take just 5 or 10 mins to sit. Whatever you have. Turn off phone/TV etc).
Sit on the floor if you can on a cushion or blanket.
Back straight but not rigid.
Close your eyes
Notice your breath
Feel the weight of your body on the floor.
Breathe fully.
Finish the exhale completely and pause. Inhale fully, pause, exhale completely. (repeat)
Be aware of sitting on the ground in this wonderful moment, the present moment.
Finish by placing the palms together, in front of your heart and bow your head.
Thank yourself for your efforts.

I know if you are not into yoga this may sound a bit new-agey but it's very simple to do. I like to walk around in bare feet too when I'm at home...  feet to earth.

20 December 2012

restore & renew

This post was inspired by a lovely lady I saw a couple of days ago who was driving on a busy street at lunchtime, wearing smart business suit, eating a piece of pizza while negotiating a right turn on to a main road. Why are we so busy we have to eat on the run? Besides the difficulty in driving and digesting at the same time it feels like we are doing doing doing more these days rather than 'doing less'.

I recently completed a Restorative Yoga training course where we spent 5 days wrapped up in blankets, lying over bolsters, wearing eye pillows learning how to 'relax, restore and renew'I have to say it was heaven and the practice helps mind & body to return to our natural state. But seriously though in the last decade we have become more switched on than ever before, think smart phones, wifi, social media etc. we need a break! Restorative yoga is said to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system making us feel relaxed, calm and boosts our energy more than a nights sleep.

nearly restored
I'm available for private restorative yoga sessions and teach group classes at Just Yoga on Thursday 6pm and Sunday 5.30pm.

1 December 2012

let the show begin..

It's barely December and already my neighbourhood is sparkling, this was taken on 30 November.